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Contemporary Trends In Southwest Apparel

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Contemporary Trends in Southwest Apparel

1 Influence of Native American designs on Southwest Apparel.jpg: Southwest USA Shopping

1. Influence of Native American designs on Southwest Apparel

Long before Ralph Lauren graced our fashion runways, the Mohegan people were already setting the trend in the Southwest with an ensemble of turquoise jewelry and patterned weaving that would make any Vogue editor swoon. Fast forward to the present day, where Native American designs are highly influential on Southwest apparel. Be prepared to go on a fashion journey full of hawk feathers, punchy patterns, and stunning ceramics that make haute couture look like child’s play.

The deep roots of Native American culture have intricately woven their way into our love for fashion, much like a Pueblo weaver crafting a Walker rug (they are the Chanel handbags of the Southwest, in case you were wondering). The strong, vibrant colors used in their fabrics stand out like a buffalo in a china shop, offering a much-needed break from today’s never-ending parade of grey neutrals and black-on-black aesthetics.

Let’s be frank, folks; without Native American influence, the Southwest would be just about as fashionable as a rattlesnake in a tuxedo. There is something magical about wearing clothes inspired by ancient cultures; it’s a fashion adventure that is over 500 years old and naturally infused with a rich history. Also, it’s pretty safe to say that Eagles, Coyotes, and Ravens were rocking animal prints way before it became a hit at New York Fashion Week.

Native American designs in the Southwest are an intricate blend of tradition, spirituality, and creativity, much like your Aunt Edna’s questionable Thanksgiving casserole. Their unique patterns and symbolism is no longer relegated to the history books; they have boldly swooped into the world of apparel with as much grace as a condor making its final tricky touchdown.

Let’s talk jewelry now. Long before the first ‘I Love New York’ t-shirt was sold to unsuspecting tourists, Native American artisans were creating beautiful jewelry that wonderfully captured the spirit of the Southwest.

“In some of the Yangtze provinces designs are even yet stamped into the dyed cotton and silk, by stencil with lime, which takes out the color, as compared with our system of rolling the inked design on plain goods”

~ John Stuart Thomson, China Revolutionized

Turquoise, silver, and coral have become synonymous with Southwest style, and let’s be honest, have you ever seen a cowboy without a turquoise bolo tie? We thought not.

The influence of geometric shapes on Southwest apparel also can’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s chevron patterns inspired by the pottery of the ancient Anasazi people or zig-zag patterns mimicking the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the use of geometric shapes in current fashion has its roots firmly planted in Native American tradition. That being said, trying to navigate your way through the vast landscape of geometric patterns on your favorite sweatshirt should probably come with its own GPS.

Umpteen fashion designers have tried to replicate these quintessential elements in their collections, often in much the same way you might try to mimic a rain dance during the driest July on record. Some have succeeded, others have fallen, and the rest? Well, they’ve ended up with something that looks less like a cultural tribute and more like a raccoon got into the paint supplies.

In conclusion, our fashion runways would seem much less adventurous without the influence of Native American designs. Their enduring character and timeless quality have left an indelible stamp on Southwest apparel. Never has history looked so effortlessly chic or a heritage seemed so fun and vivacious. So the next time you slip into that fringed suede jacket or don your favorite beaded jewelry, take a moment to appreciate the rich history and craftsmanship behind these pieces. After all, fashion is so much more than just ‘Wear and Tear,’ it’s about understanding where we’ve come from, to better strut into where we’re heading.

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2 Sustainability and ethical practices in the contemporary Southwest fashion.jpg: Southwest USA Shopping

2. Sustainability and ethical practices in the contemporary Southwest fashion

Cowboy boots, turquoise jewelry, and Navajo-inspired patterns. Sounds familiar? Yep, we’re talking about Southwest fashion, the quirky cousin of the fashion industry that doesn’t get enough credit for its charm and allure. It’s not just about cactus prints and ponchos, it is a cultural blend of many influences including Native American, Hispanic, Wild West, and even a pinch of California surf culture. Thanks to the rise of ethical and sustainable practices, this distinctive fashion trend is not only turning heads but it’s also lessening its environmental impact and positively changing the lives of artisans.

Now, before we get started, let’s clarify something. When we’re talking about sustainability, we’re not talking about wearing one pair of denim jeans until they walk off on their own and join a denim rebellion down at your local Salvation Army. Sustainability in fashion involves minimizing the consumption of resources (water, energy, materials) and reducing waste and environmental impact. This means fashionistas can look chic while saving the planet. Sneaky, huh?

Southwest fashion brands have been making significant strides in this realm. These pioneers, let’s call them ‘Eco-Cowboys’, are blazing trails in the desert sands of sustainability. They are sourcing local, organic materials, and using ethical manufacturing practices that prioritize the welfare of their employees. No more “sweatshop-chic”, folks.

Let’s take, for instance, Tasha Polizzi, a fashion brand that’s about as Southwestern as cowboy poetry and tumbleweeds. A brand committed to ethical production, they work predominantly with Native American artisans, ensuring fair wages and working conditions. Their vibrant, pattern-filled pieces are not only high quality but also have a low environmental impact.

“”It was put together in a very primitive fashion, and was covered with Kadjang mats and attaps, both of these rough building materials obtained from the Nipah palm.””

Michaël Théophile Hubert Perelaer, Baboe Dalima; or, The Opium Fiend

So, you can strut around in your colourful Southwest ponchos, basking in the admiring glances while also taking pride in your ethical styling.

Now, there’s no Southwestern fashion discussion without acknowledging Frye, the heavyweight champion in the world of artisanal leather boots. By prioritizing craftsmanship over fast-fashion trends, they’re proving that stylish boots can also be sustainable. Seriously, these boots are not only made for walking, but they also have minimum carbon footprints.

Moving onto jewelry, Southwest Originals creates intricate jewelry inspired by Native American designs, handcrafted down to the last turquoise stone. The brand uses locally sourced materials which reduces the CO2 emissions associated with transport, hence turning your fashion carbon footprint into a tiptoe.

The sustainability journey of Southwest-style brands doesn’t stop at the production stage. These businesses are encouraging their customers to maintain the lifecycle of their garments through better care, repair, and recycling. Or maybe, in true southwestern style, a good-old treasure swap at your local rodeo gathering.

So, howdy partner, next time you’re considering lassoing that Southwestern blanket coat into your shopping basket, why not probe a little deeper? Check if the brand’s commitment to ethical practices is as deep as the Grand Canyon or if it’s more of a puddle, reminiscent of a fleeting desert rain. Better yet, try sniffing out those brands making real strides in sustainability and ethical practices.

So saddle up for a happier, healthier fashion future with a Southwestern flavor. After all, “green” is the new black in the world of fashion, y’all. And it looks darn good paired with those cowboy boots.

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3 Rise of southwestern boho chic trend in mainstream fashion.jpg: Southwest USA Shopping

3. Rise of southwestern boho chic trend in mainstream fashion

Humor aside, it’s hard to keep a straight face when your grandma’s style becomes a mainstream fashion trend. Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s favorite tapestry blankets, dream catchers, and threadbare sweaters are now all the rage in the high fashion world. If you haven’t already guessed it, we’re talking about the rise of the southwestern boho chic trend. But before we delve into that epochal shift in fashion, let’s take a moment to appreciate that the word “boho” finally snuck its way into the fashion lexicon. If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is.

So what’s driving the popularity of this quirkily named style? Short answer: grandma… sort of. Long answer: haute couture loved the idea of mashing together all things colorful, ethnic, weathered and comfy, then smacking a chic label on it. Bingo! Thus, southwestern boho chic emerged from the smoky fires of fashion houses with a wild cactus in one hand and a dream catcher in the other, leaving us ordinary folks blinking in bewilderment.

Let’s break it down some so you can fully achieve a vision of this trend. Picture this, crocheted maxi dresses, fringed suede vests, and faded denim, all topped with a wide-brimmed hat that even Clint Eastwood would envy. Alongside, imagine lots of nature-inspired jewelry studded with turquoise and silver, leather strap sandals, and a smattering of Navajo-inspired patterns.

“It is in view of all these difficulties that an attempt has been made in this book to extract principles from isolated facts; to avoid, so far as is possible, the use of Chinese proper names; to introduce these as sparingly and gradually as is practicable when they must be used at all; to describe the general trend of events and life of the people rather than the personal acts of rulers and great officers; and, generally, to put it into the power of any one who can only read English, to gain an intelligible notion of what Chinese antiquity really was; and what principles and motives, declared or tacit, underlay it”

~ Edward Harper Parker , roject Gutenberg’s Ancient China Simplified

The main draw of this trend? Comfort and individuality are the icing on the cake. No more being zipped and buttoned into uptight suits. Instead, now we can flounce around in loose, flowing dresses and rugged, worn-in jeans. It’s like going to a music festival, but without the sticky dirt and questionable porta potties.

Moreover, what sets southwestern boho chic apart from its boho cousin is the indigenous American elements inherent in its design. With an emphasis on handmade, organic textiles and authentic storytelling, this trend is all about respect and admiration for traditional southwestern cultures.

The beauty of boho chic is its high adaptability quotient. You can easily incorporate aspects of the style into your existing wardrobe without reshaping your entire fashion identity. A Navajo print bandana here, a cow skull necklace there, a dash of leather fringe on a well-worn bag, and voila! You’re rockin’ the chic side of tumbleweed town.

But, like all steady risers on the trend-o-meter, the southwestern boho chic phenomenon isn’t without its detractors. Detractors who voice concerns about cultural appropriation, about the erasure of the southwest’s long and wrought history, about the commodification of indigenous traditions. And these are legitimate worries that we, as consumers, creators, and appreciators of the trend, must keep in mind as we navigate the wild western frontier of boho chic.

So let us raise our organic green smoothies to the unique, the weathered, the comfortable, and the traditional, and thank the fashion gods for finally giving grandma’s wardrobe the recognition it deserves. You go, grandma! This southwest millennial fashionista salutes you! Cheers to the rise of southwestern boho chic! Let’s ride this wave responsibly, fashionably, and most importantly, respectfully.

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