Population of Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes resemble elves and a species of grass creature, something between an elf and a brownie, but smaller, and apparently less evolved than either. The garden gnomes are flitting through the air in short flights, taking very graceful poses as they fly. They express in the highest degree the qualities of light-heartedness, gaiety, and joie de vivre. Gnomes foto A number of garden gnomes are flying about singly. They flit from place to place, pausing a moment between each flight. They seem to be bearing something which they give to the grass or the flowers at each stopping place, at least they put out their hand and touch the place where they come to rest, as if applying some substance, then they move swiftly away again. They become more clearly visible as they alight and as they move away; one loses them after having landed. They are female, dressed in a white, or very pale pink, clinging, sheeny material of exceedingly fine texture. It is drawn in at the waist and shines with many colors like mother-of-pearl. The limbs are uncovered, the wings are oval, small, and elongated. A bright radiance shines out over the field, visible to us sixty yards away. It is due to the arrival of a group of garden gnomes. They are under the control of a superior garden gnome who is very autocratic and definite in her orders, holding unquestioned command. They spread themselves out into a gradually widening circle around her and, as they do so, a soft glow shines over the grass.

Gnomes in a Circle

Since two minutes ago, when the garden gnomes swung high over the tree tops and down into the field, the circle has spread to approximately twelve feet in width and is wonderfully radiant with light. Each member of this garden gnomes band is connected to the directing fairy, who is in the centre and slightly above them, by a stream of light. These streams are of different shades of yellow deepening to orange, they meet in the centre merging in her aura, and there is a constant flow backwards and forwards along them. Density original The form produced by this is something like an inverted fruit dish with the central fairy as the stem, and the lines of light, which flow in a graceful even curve, forming the sides of the bowl. Their continued activities were producing an ever-increasing complexity of form, when time, unhappily, forced us to depart A group of garden gnomes are gamboling and dancing on a little plateau on the other side of the stream. The bodies of these garden gnomes are female, their main clothing is pale blue; their wings, which are almost oval in shape, are constantly fluttering as they dance in a ring hand in hand. Some of the garden gnomes wear a loose girdle, from which is suspended an instrument like a horn. All are draped with a material that serves to conceal the form more completely than is usual with this type of nature-spirit. Their height is probably six inches. Their hair, which in all cases is brown, varies from very light to quite dark shades.

Coloring of the Garden Gnome

The coloring of the garden gnome form is a very pale rose pink, beyond which, in nearly all cases, is a pale blue aura and pale blue wings. They are performing something not unlike a country dance; and I think it must be their thought that produces numbers of tiny daisy-like flowers, which appear and disappear coming sometimes as single flowers and some-times as wreaths or chains. They are discharging into the surrounding atmosphere a good deal of specialized energy, in the form of silver sparks, and the effect produced by this miniature electrical display, flowing through their auras and through the curious misty glamour, or haze, in which the whole group is bathed, is most beautiful; it extends to a height of probably eight or ten inches over their heads. and reaches its highest point over the center of the group. The effect of it upon the garden gnomes is to give them the sense of complete seclusion: in fact, the garden gnomes of other species which are in the neighborhood do not enter within the charmed sphere. They have now changed their formation and are going through an evolution of considerable intricacy, making radial chains across the circle. They do not remain in exactly the same spot, and when the group moves the secluding aura moves with it. Density photograph The dance of the garden gnome, which is also a ritual, resembles certain figures in the Lancers. Garden gnomes have a decided sense of rhythm, for although.' their movements are spontaneous and free they are to some extent "keeping time."

Pulsing Garden Gnomes

As I watch them, in the centre of the circle there has developed slowly a rose-colored globular or heart-shaped form, whose pulsation discharges a force that flows out in fine lines or striations. The aural encasement has now increased considerably in size, and is not unlike a large inverted glass bowl. The garden gnomes seem to have the idea that they are creating a building, for now, radial divisions appear, extremely thin and glittering, which divide the erection into compartments. Gradually the group of garden gnomes drifts away out of the range of my vision. We are surrounded by a dancing group of lovely female garden gnomes. They are laughing and full of joy. The leader of the garden gnomes in this case is a female figure, probably two feet high, surrounded by transparent flowing drapery. There is a star on her forehead, and she has large wings that glisten with pale, delicate shades from pink to lavender; in rapid movement, however, the effect of them is white. Her hair is light golden brown and, unlike that of the lesser garden gnomes, streams behind her and merges with the flowing forces of her aura. The form is perfectly modeled and rounded, like that of a young girl, the right-hand holds a wand. Although her expression is one of purity and ingenuousness, her face is at the same time stamped with a decided impression of power.

Gnomes and Living Fire

This is especially noticeable in the clear blue eyes of garden gnomes, which glow like flame and have all the appearance of a living fire. Her brow is broad and noble, her features small and rounded; the tiny ears are a poem of physical perfection. Garden original There are no angles in this transcendently beautiful form. The bearing of head, neck and shoulders is queenly, and the whole pose is a model of grace and beauty. A pale blue radiance surrounds this glorious garden gnome, adding to her beauty, while golden flashes of light shoot and play around her head. The lower portion of the aura is shell pink, irradiated with white light. She is aware of our presence and has graciously remained more or less motionless for the purpose of this description. She holds up her wand, which is about the length of her forearm, and is white and shining and glows at the end with a yellow light. She bows low and gracefully, much as a great prima donna might bow on taking leave of a highly appreciative audience. I hear a very faint, far-away garden gnomes music, too fine-drawn to translate, such music as might be given forth by diminutive needles, delicately tuned, hung and struck with tiny hammers. It is more a series of tinkles than a consecutive air, probably because I am unable to contact it fully. Now the whole group of garden gnomes has risen into the air and vanished.