Gnomes Outside the Trees

When a garden gnome leaves the tree he remains in magnetic contact with it, and I should say that the distance he may travel is limited. Gnomes description It is as though the esthetic double of the tree were used to form his body, so that when he leaves the tree its esthetic double stretches. This is his present condition, but there may be times when he is completely free. It is very curious to see him step into the tree, as one would step through a doorway. He appears always to come out of the tree at the same place and in the same direction. i.e., on the south side." "Deep within the solid rock behind us there is an evolving consciousness, which manifests chiefly as form-less blotches of color, a sort of embryo garden gnome; the beginnings of the head are visible in shadowy outline, together with the eyes and mouth, but the rest of the body is only faintly suggested, like the preliminary work of an artist, who might put in his main patches of color and leave the clear outlines to a later stage.

The attractiveness of Garden Gnomes

But for this vagueness the garden gnome would be excessively ugly, not to say monstrous in appearance. To esthetic sight the whole rock is transparent and the creature appears as if within a huge glass receptacle, through which it is only vaguely aware of its surroundings. The only power of volition that it appears to possess is that of slowly changing the focus and direction of its dim and limited consciousness; this it does very vaguely and dreamily. The main colorings of garden gnomes, which are of considerable density, are red, green, and brown, and these are stirred by faint ripples only, in response to the slowly awakening consciousness. Trees portrayal The presence of this garden gnome gives a certain individuality to the rock, noticeable on the physical plane as a magnetic vibration. It is difficult to judge its size, but it is probably ten to fifteen feet high. The feet that are to be are deep below the surface of the earth in which the rock is buried, and the head some three feet from the top of the rock."

Underground Gnomes

"While watching other garden gnomes my attention was attracted towards a large rock some forty yards away, beneath which is a garden gnome who lives under the ground. I caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared under the rock. He was a quaint dark grey figure, diminutively and grotesquely human, and was wearing a hat which rose to a point over his head and then fell over forwards, as if by the weight of a little tassel which hung from the point; the face was that of an old man, thin, cadaverous and lantern-jawed, with a long grey beard. He was clothed in a grey suit, with a coat reaching just below the waist. In his right hand, he carried a little light, not unlike a candle, which shone with a yellow gleam. He descended into the earth, two or three feet below the stone, and moved about without obstruction. This garden gnome had caught the human idea of a house and appeared to imagine that the place was his borne and that he needed a light. Outside portrayal I should say he had observed garden gnomes going to bed and was imitating them; he was laughably serious in his make-believe.

Gnomes of Leisure

This garden gnome did not appear to work; he only made occasional journeys down to the water's edge, a distance of about forty yards. Now, as I watch for him, he has reappeared with a different kind of headdress. This time it is an elongated top hat, and, in general effect, he reminds me a little of the picture of the caterpillar which sat on the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland. He has the characteristic of curiosity highly developed. He would peep through windows and observe the habits of humans, and, though lacking the mentality to form any judgment from his observations, he would memorize and imitate many of the daily customs of those garden gnomes he watched. I see now why I got the idea, when I first saw him, that his cap was a nightcap and he was going to bed; evidently, he was doing so for his own amusement, in imitation of human ways, regardless of the fact that he has no need to retire, to put on a nightcap or to take a light, and that he has no bed or bedroom, except the memory of one which lingers in his mind. His powers of concentration failed him as soon as he got below the earth, his manner and even his appearance changed and he reappeared at the surface with a new set of imaginations.