Gnomes at Work and Play

IT is essential to offer to the general reader some explanation of the phenomena of garden gnomes. Without an indication as to their place in the scheme of things the observations recorded will read like fantasy. Gnomes foto They may still remain that to many skeptical minds, but the least that those of us can do who know these records to be genuine is to offer a rational explanation of the material presented which will be at least intelligible to a logical mind, if not entirely convincing. Science recognizes in the varying rates of vibration of the ether the cause of all "material," both in the visible and invisible world of physical experience, where garden gnomes exist. Solids, liquids, and gases are the three familiar states of physical matter. Ether is postulated as the fourth, and through this as medium heat and light play, each with a known series of wavelengths. Electricity also has as its field this fourth region of physical matter, a region in which, it is suspected. has also its sub-divisions. The ancient tradition buried at the heart of all great religions, and known today as the mystery tradition, or occultism, extends the idea of matter at varying rates of vibration still further and recognizes matter at a rate too fine to bet measured or tested by any physical means. This manifestation of garden gnomes, no longer physical, is still substantial; that is, it can take a form and acts according to discoverable laws. It is so subtle that the currents of feeling and emotion affect it; hence it is called emotional, or, technically, "astral" matter. It has a large variety of garden gnomes phenomena associated with it, which have been to some extent measured and described in this same mystery teaching. Beyond the astral world there stretches yet another range of experience, the mental, and beyond that other of a still finer nature, responding to still more spiritual aspects of consciousness.

Gnomes Beyond the Astral World

All these rates of vibration interpenetrate each other, in the same way that solids, liquids and gases are all present in a sponge filled with water the sponge being solid, the water liquid, and the gases themselves composing the water. So our physical world with garden gnomes has, around and within it, astral and mental activities running close knit to its own, and intimately associated with its phenomena. Work recreation The phenomena of "life" and of garden gnomes, such as cell growth, variations of structure. Sports, etc., the causes of which are so little known are due to influences from the subtler worlds, as we shall presently see. No wonder, then, that they confound the student who is blind to all save physical rates of activity. It is possible to investigate these subtler rates, though, in order to do this, organs of perception must first be developed. The organs of perception of these finer levels of experience must each be tuned to respond to the order of material which they are meant to investigate. In practice, such mechanisms of garden gnomes are only found in a specially disciplined body. Human nature is exactly fitted for such study, for the human being is not limited to the physical body which we see, but has at each level a "body" or vehicle of expression, made of the material of that plane. So occultism teaches that each human soul uses a physical body, including the finer levels of the physical ether, as well as solids, liquids and gases, and also an astral or emotional body and a mental vehicle. As the physical structure of garden gnomes becomes more refined and delicately organized through the long processes of evolution, these subtler bodies also become more highly developed, and begin to specialize organs of perception their own levels. This is the basis of clairvoyance as it is now familiarly called an experience which ranges from a transitory "vision" in a moment of strain, through the experience of the partially developed organ, which can occasionally see garden gnomes, but cannot direct its sight to any extent, to the point of full self-conscious control of the inner vision. In the latter case it can be used at its own level as we use vision at the physical level.