Gnomes Cycle

Even here, the "pi-wee-mesa" of these worlds are very elusive, as Mr. Hodson's records of garden gnomes prove from time to time. Their evolution is so comparatively rapid, their laws imposed so subtly, compared with the physical world, that words fail to describe what is seen, and the vision often fails to record all that one might wish to know of any given fact. garden photograph The public is fortunate in having before it, in this book, a record of observations made by a clairvoyant who, while undoubtedly gifted with sight at the physical ethers, astral and, to some extent at any rate, at a higher lever, is as frank in regard to his limitations as he is honest in the application of his gifts. Mr. Hodson will often admit his inability to push his observations further, as well as his lack of entire comprehension of what he sees. He noted down, in most instances on the spot, the forms and activities of garden gnomes which he observed, and his statements have independent corroboration from many sources. And what is it that he has observed? A vast variety of enteric and astral forms, large and small, working together in organized co-operation on what we must call the life side of Nature, stimulating growth, bringing color to the flowers, brooding over beautiful spots, playing in waves and waterfalls, dancing in the wind and the sunlight in fact, another order of garden gnomes running parallel to and blended with our own. Common tradition has always recognized its existence, and, in every byway of the world where hearts are clean and minds are simple, stories of the "little people" abound. Here we have before us a record of researches running over some years, which confirms that common tradition in many details. The mystery teaching again fills in the gaps and makes of broken fragments an intelligible theory. The de-evolution is said to run in partnership with our humanity and with that of garden gnomes. In the development of the earlier forms, mineral, vegetable, animal, the Nature-spirits, devas, fairies or elementals (to give them a few of their many names) lead the way. Their work is the evolution of beautiful and responsive forms. gnomes example When humanity reaches maturity and develops its inner faculties, the direction of Nature's activities begins to fall into the hands of garden gnomes. We can see this beginning to-day in the agricultural world.

Gnome Cycle of Life

During the latter half of the garden gnomes cycle, humanity, having come to an understanding of the natural principles of growth, conquers Nature by obeying her fundamental laws, and thereby wins the willing obedience of the lower orders of nature-spirits and the joyous co-operation of the higher ranks of invisible workers. Though the skeptical mind of the age may question the validity of such evidence, the open mind will pursue this fascinating quest, full of such promise for the world's welfare. The occultist sees no "dead matter" anywhere every stone thrills with life, every jewel has its attendant consciousness, however minute. The grass and trees are pulsing to the touch of tiny garden gnomes, whose magnetic bodies act as the matrix in which miracles of growth and color become possible. As the following observations and remarks by Mr. Hodson bear directly on this point, they are inserted here rather than in the body of the book. In the examination of bulbs growing in bowls, it is observed that large numbers of small sub-microscopic enteric garden gnomes are moving about in and around the growing plants. They are visible esthetically as points of light, playing around the stems and passing in and out of the growing plant. They have the power to rise into the air to a height equal to that of the plant, but I have not seen any rise further than that. They absorb something from the atmosphere, re-enter the tissue of the plant, and discharge it. garden example This process is going on continually, the creatures are entirely self-absorbed, sufficiently self-conscious to experience a dim sense of well-being and to feel affection for the plant. which they regard as their body. They have no consciousness apart from this. When the process of absorbing is taking place garden gnomes to become enlarged and appear like pale violet or lilac-colored spheres, some two inches in diameter, with radii of force flowing from a central point within the sphere. The ends of these lines extend slightly beyond the circumference. Having expanded to the largest size which they are able to reach, they return close to the plant, enter it, and begin to discharge the material, or vital force, which they have absorbed. The natural enteric vital flow from the half-grown plants reaches quite two feet above them, and in it other tiny creatures play and dance, tossed up and down by the flowing force in which they rejoice. To enteric sight they are less than a quarter of an inch in size, though both varieties of garden gnomes must be sub-microscopic from the point of view of solid measurement. In addition to this a process of absorption by the plants themselves is plainly visible, enteric matter Bowing towards them from all sides.