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Virtual Archaeology in 3D
To unlock the secrets of Chaco Canyon, you'll need to excavate the Great Houses, and find realistic Anasazi artifacts and objects. With each discovery, you'll reveal more of the mystery. Fun, entertaining, and highly educational for the entire family. No violence or controversial material, suitable for all ages.
Stunning 3D re-creation of Chaco Canyon

All 14 major Chacoan buildings have been faithfully re-constructed. Excavate the ruins, find priceless artifacts, and the secrets of each Great House are revealed to you.

The Amazing "Sun Dagger"

The Sun Dagger is a remarkable celestial calendar of the Anasazi, aka "Ancestral Pueblo Indians". Research by the Solstice Project has shown that the Chaco culture's ceremonial architecture was built to align with the cycles of the sun and moon. The Sun Dagger is a remarkably accurate pre-historic calendar that tracks solstices, the equinox, and a subtle 18.6 year cycle of the moon. This would have been extremely important for agriculture (planting, harvesting) and ceremonial events. This program has a working 3D model of the Sun Dagger. Simply put in any date and time, and see how the play of light and shadows appeared!

Realistic Artifacts

More than 40 artifacts have been reconstructed in 3D for you to excavate. Includes replicas of many important items uncovered during the early days of Chaco archaeology.

Included in the Program:

Virtual 3D Archaeology: Excavate the Great Houses

Find Realistic Anasazi Artifacts

Fully Functioning Sun Dagger: Watch it in Action for Any Date & Time

Restore all 14 Major Chaco Buildings, Including Pueblo Bonito

Accurate Sun / Moon Movement, Watch the Light and Shadows

"Free Fly" Mode: Soar Like a Raven over Chaco Canyon

Supports Four Languages: English, Spanish, French, German

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Anasazi of Chaco Canyon

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